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Servicios de Producción


¿Qué hacemos?

We carry out Audiovisual Production Services. We mount foreign Audiovisual Productions in national territory. Preparing all the logistics for your project in Uruguay.

Take advantage of the incredible advantages and benefits of filming in Uruguay.

Incentivos Fiscales
Cash Rebate

Uruguay has Incentive Funds to promote foreign filming in Uruguay. Both for Fictions and for Documentaries and Advertisements.

- VAT 0 

- Cash Rebate 

-Prizes for Minority Co-productions.

-Incentives for contributing companies

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Incentivos Fiscales
Cash Rebate

We make Advertising Pieces tailored to your needs. We cover the widest range of Audiovisual Production services.

Consult solutions tailored to your needs.


Incentivos Fiscales
Cash Rebate

Uruguay has various locations available for its Production. Thanks to the extensive experience that the Montevideo sector has, it is an Audiovisual Set suitable for all types of Productions.

Catálogo de Locaciones

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